Vegan Chocolate Maple Pudding (with a secret ingredient!)

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My easy healthy vegan chocolate maple pudding is sweet and velvety-smooth, takes just 10 minutes to make, and is legitimately good for you too!

And it has a secret ingredient.

It’s not chickpeas.
Nor is it aquafaba.
Nor even avocado.

No, really, it’s sweet potatoes!

Sweet potatoes in a pudding, I hear you ask? Why, yes! Why not?

Until I went to live in Thailand, despite their name, I’d always considered sweet potatoes to be a savoury food; however, that all changed the first time I went to a my first lunchtime buffet at Khun Churn (where they made great vegan yum som-o).

On the puddings table were several different desserts to choose from, ranging from a large selection of chopped fruits, to pandan jelly (omnomnom!).

Thai pandan jelly with fresh coconut – just look at that glorious green!

And of course, there was the ubiquitous (but no less delicious) mango and sticky rice, as well as pumpkin, sweetcorn, red beans, and sweet potatoes cooked in coconut milk.

I have to tell you that I became an instant convert. Who knew you could have these things for pudding?

Thai pumpkin, poached in coconut milk

OK, I know that in the US, pumpkin is a pudding thing… but I’m European, darn it – for us, pumpkin is a savoury vegetable.

Even though, ummmm… technically it’s a fruit.

So anyway, once I realised that sweet potato could be used in sweet dishes, I have to admit that I actively sought them out, looking for new (to me) puddings and other sweet stuff.

And then decided to take it one step further, and make a chocolate pudding with sweet potatoes.

Assuming you already have cooked sweet potato in the fridge, this chocolate maple pudding takes just 10 minutes to make, and contains one of your five-a-day.

OK, that may be stretching it a bit.

Nevertheless, this is still a pudding that’s legitimately pretty good for you. How about that!

Go and make this chocolate pudding now. You can thank me later.

Vegan Chocolate Maple Pudding


  • deliciously smooth and velvety
  • chocolatey
  • low in fat
  • soy-free
  • nut-free
  • gluten-free
  • free from refined sugars
  • full of goodness (one portion gives: Vitamin A 935%, Vitamin C 13%, Calcium 7%, Iron 8% of the daily RI of an average adult’s needs)

I have to tell you that this pudding is a dream. A sweet, chocolatey, almost-moussey kind of dream. Enjoy!

Do you ever use sweet potato in desserts?

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