Easy Healthy Avocado Bruschetta

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Full of fibre and protein, my easy healthy avocado bruschetta is a delicious way to use up stale bread, and makes for a great breakfast, lunch, or supper. If you have time to make toast, you have time to make this; it’s super-quick, and you can prepare the toppings while the toast is cooking.

When we lived in Thailand, we had avocados coming out of our ears. They grew everywhere, and we could just go and pick them as we needed them.

It was the same for bananas, kaffir limes, star fruit, mangoes, chillies, lemongrass, jackfruit, dragonfruit, longan, bamboo shoots, and so much more. In India, we had coconuts and papayas growing in our garden too.

Here in The Balkans, we have to buy all those things, and to be honest, most of the time I just don’t bother because by the time they’ve travelled halfway across the world – having been harvested long before they are ripe – they’re mostly a pale shadow of the fruits I knew and loved in Asia.

It took me well over a year after leaving Asia to eat a banana again, and to be perfectly honest, I mostly use them now for cooking with, or turning into ice cream. The ones we get in Europe simply aren’t very good.

Avocados though, are a different story. Of course, they’re nowhere near the same as the ones we’d pick fresh, and yes, they can be expensive, but they do make for a very welcome treat. Because sometimes you’ve just got to have avo in your life. Amirite?

Unfortunately, they’re always cannonball-hard when we get them, so I have to wait a fortnight for them to ripen before I can do anything with them!

Don’t you just hate it when you’re desperate to eat something, and it’s not ready yet? If you’re like me, you spend what seems to be an eternity, gently squeezing unripe avos every day, hoping that today will be the day you get to eat them.

Just look at all that avo-ey goodness. Couldn’t you just dive right in? I could.

And I did.

**rubs tummy in a contented fashion**


Is a great way to use up bread that is too dry for sandwiches, so don’t use fresh bread unless it’s got some real gumption (such as sourdough or Pane Toscano or Pane Casareccio*). Pre-sliced sandwich bread won’t have enough substance – it will go really soggy, which is not something you want – it needs to retain an amount of bite once the toppings are piled on.

*Pane Casareccio just means ‘home-made bread’, and is made by small bakeries all over Italy. In fact, when we lived in Pozzuoli, it was just about the only bread we could buy locally.

By the way, if you say bru-shetta, stop it right now. I mean it. What is that, German? It’s ‘bru-skayt-ah’. Repeat after me…

Bru. Skayt. Ah.

(Actually, it’s more like halfway between eh and ay… but that just looks confusing when written. Anyway, just stop with the Germanic pronunciation, mkay?!)

Easy Healthy Avocado Bruschetta


  • simple and quick to make
  • full of goodness
  • high in protein & fibre
  • packed with vitamins and minerals (Vitamin A = 19%, Vitamin C = 69%, Calcium = 13%, Iron = 16% RDV)
  • soy-free
  • nut-free
  • easy to make gluten-free
  • satisfying and filling
  • really, really delicious

I love avocado bruschetta for brekkie, lunch, brunch, or supper… basically, I could eat it at any time of the day. It’s also great as a starter – although you may want to use smaller slices of bread, or cut each one in half.

Buon appetito!

Do you like avocado bruschetta? What’s your favourite way to eat avocados? Tell me in the comments below!

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