Meaty BBQ Seitan ‘Ribs’

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Glazed with a with a deliciously sticky barbecue sauce, and perfect for summer al fresco entertaining, these meaty BBQ seitan ribs are really simple to make, and practically guaranteed to keep everyone at your gathering coming back for more!

Firstly, please let me apologise for the lack of new yums recently; for the past couple of months I’ve been freelancing my cooking skills at Beet Bar, a vegan café here in Margate. I’m absolutely loving working there, meeting so many lovely, positive, and enthusiastic people, making new friends, and of course, putting smiles on people’s faces by bringing yumsome’s food to a wider audience!

Once I’ve gotten into my stride, and am no longer utterly pooped by the time I get home, normal service here will be resumed. Thank you all so much for your patience – you’re lovely, all of you!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, this is Beet Bar. It really is as chilled as it looks, and there’s even a lovely garden too!

Anyway, enough digression…

A little while ago, my friend, Fredi, emailed me to tell me that her husband had taken up the veggie mantle, and like most of us when we discover something shiny and new, was very enthusiastic, and keen to try all the things. Something he’s been making a lot of, which has become firm family favourites at Chez Fredi et Dan are these meaty BBQ seitan ribs.

Since neither Fredi or Dan are bloggers, they asked me whether I’d like to share the recipe with you guys. Naturally, I’m more than happy to do so.

Somewhat coincidentally (or as a Timothy Leary would have it, an act of synchronicity), I was actually planning to share my own seitan ribs recipe soon, so when Fredi got in touch, I thought, why not include both recipes into one blog post!

Making the seitan ribs is very easy, especially if you have a food processor, it’s just a case of mixing the ingredients, and letting the processor knead the dough until it’s smooth and elastic. This will give the ribs a really satisfying meaty texture. (Or you can do it by hand.)

Dan simmers his seitan in veggie stock for half an hour, lets it rest overnight before pan-frying, then continuing to sauté in barbecue sauce.

I actually prefer to bake mine – not least because it means less work (yay!); once I’ve shaped and basted the seitan with BBQ sauce, I just bake it in the oven, then once it’s done, baste a bit more with sauce, caramelise under the grill, and serve.

Both ways yield deliciously meaty BBQ seitan ‘ribs’, so why not try both, and see which you prefer?

Whichever method you use to cook your ribs, they are even better when finished off on an actual barbecue to give them even more of a smoky flavour.

And speaking of barbecues, my vegan sausages are also fantastic for outdoor grilling. And my burgers too.

Meaty BBQ Seitan ‘Ribs’


  • hearty
  • sticky
  • sweet n sour
  • toothsome
  • satisfying
  • simple to make
  • really, really delicious

Be sure to make lots of these meaty BBQ seitan ribs because everyone’s going to love them!

Have you ever had BBQ seitan ‘ribs’ before?

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