How To Roast Garlic

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Roast garlic is in a league of its own when it comes to richness of flavour. Put simply, it adds a whole new dimension anything it’s used in, and while raw or fried garlic can sometimes be a little on the bitter side, their roast counterpart is unfailingly mild, with just a hint of sweetness.

I must admit that as well as using it in cooking, I am a huge fan of smearing roast garlic over hot toast, muffins, and crumpets. As well as… ummmm…. sucking it straight out of its skin. 😉

In addition to being a great spread (why not try it on my avocado bruschetta?) it makes a great accompaniment to roast dinners, and is a key ingredient in my hearty mushroom soup too.

Roast garlic is simplicity itself to make; simply put a bulb or two into a hot oven, forget about it, and then 20 minutes later, you have rich, sweet, succulent roast garlic.

I tend to roast several bulbs at once, and keep them in the ‘fridge so that I always have some to hand. Why not do the same?

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