Maple Roasted Root Vegetables

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No roast dinner is complete without a goodly pile of roast veggies, right? And there’s little more goodly than these maple roasted root vegetables. Bung ’em in the oven, and then in your tummy – you won’t be disappointed!

Y’know, I’ve only just realised that the last time I cooked a roast dinner was for Christmas, and prior to that, Christmas the year before, when I made three stuffed seitan roulades in two weeks, for different branches of the family we were visiting.

Since it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday here in Britain, and we are being visited by The Progeny, I thought it high time I made another roast dinner. Be rude not to, right? 😉

I don’t know about you but roast dinners are one of those meals I hardly ever make but when I do, I always wonder why I don’t do them more often. It’s not as though they’re more effort than any other meal I make.


Making these maple roasted root vegetables is so easy – you don’t even need to parboil anything first; just make sure the veggies are all clean, and of roughly the same thickness, massage in a bit of olive oil, salt, and black pepper, spread them out on a baking tray, throw over a few herbs, and chuck in a hot oven for 50 minutes. Take them out 10 mins before they’re done, and mix them with some maple syrup, bung ’em back in the oven to caramelise.


Although I have given a list of veggies to use, do feel free to change things according to your own, and your family’s, tastes. Not everyone is as enamoured of roast garlic as I am, for example.

Basically, think of this as less a recipe, and more like the Pirates’ Code… A set of guidelines!

If you want make your roast dinner even more easy but no less impressive, why not chuck another tray in the oven, filled with button mushrooms and chestnuts, a little olive oil, a bit of balsamic, a few herbs, and a sprinkling of sea salt? I mean, it’s a special meal, so why not go a bit overboard? Chestnuts aren’t just for Chrimbo! 😉

Maple Roasted Root Vegetables


  • herby
  • sticky
  • a little sweet
  • a little salty
  • high in fibre
  • full of vitamins
  • irresistible
  • completely moreish

Whether you make these for Mother’s Day (whenever you celebrate it), for Easter (how did it get to almost be Easter already?), or just because you fancy some roasted veg, I just know these are going to be a big hit when you bring them to the table.


Tell me about your favourite roasted root vegetables!

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