Lazy Thai Pumpkin, Pineapple, and Tofu Curry

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My lazy Thai pumpkin, pineapple, and tofu curry is so easy to make, and ideal if like me, you always seem to be pushed for time.

Yeah, I realise I’ve just described most of the world’s population!

Y’know how sometimes you get those days when you really fancy something but just can’t be bothered to stand over the stove? That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling of late. It’s not that I don’t want to cook – I just feel utterly wiped out from this rotten virus, and although I have regained my appetite (and then some!), I still don’t have my kitchen mojo back.

Which is why this Thai-ish curry is so fab. It doesn’t take long at all to cook, and apart from the initial sautéing of the onions, there’s no slaving over a hot stove. Just chuck it all in, bung a lid on, and forget about it for half an hour.

Lazy Thai Pumpkin, Pineapple, and Tofu Curry


  • quick
  • easy
  • sweet
  • spicy
  • tangy
  • gluten-free
  • nut-free
  • delicious
  • packed with nutrients (¼ of the recipe = Vitamin A 118%, Vitamin C 96%, Calcium 11%, Iron 11% RDV)

If you’re also like me, and prep your veggies for the week when you get home with the groceries, this can be made even more quickly, since most of the prep will have already been done.

Gin hai aroi ka!

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