Vegan Peanut Butter Brownies – with a secret ingredient!

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Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it – healthy vegan peanut butter brownies? It’s not though. Ever since my first attempt at making vegan rice cooker brownies when we were living in Thailand, I’ve been experimenting with different methods to make better, healthier, Clarabell*-friendly brownies. And guess what? I’ve done it – thanks to a secret ingredient.

OK, since I’m spilling the beans (almost literally!), perhaps it would be fairer to say ‘surprising’ ingredient, not ‘secret’. Before I divulge all though, I want to tell you that as well as being vegan, my brownies…

  • are gluten-free
  • are low-GI
  • are rich
  • are really delicious
  • and healthy
  • and even a bit fudgy
  • have loads of flavonoids, which help with satiety – so a great snack for those of us watching our weight
  • have no refined sugar
  • have no added fat or oil
  • have no wheat flour

That’s a pretty cool list, no? Guilt-free peanut butter brownies – although to be honest, one should never feel guilty about eating brownies. Am I right?

Vegan peanut butter brownies – the secret ingredient!

So what’s my secret ingredient? Chickpeas. Yes, you read that correctly, chickpeas (garbanzo beans). Not only do these little powerhouses of goodness replace the need for flour but the proteins in them mean you don’t need an additional binder, such as egg, butter, or oil. How cool is that?

Making my vegan peanut butter brownies is so simple too – simply whizz everything (except 2 tablespoon peanut butter and the chocolate pieces) together in a food processor, dump the batter into an oven dish, swirl in the aforementioned PB and chocolate, then bake for just over half an hour. It really is that simple.

I really hope you love these brownies as much as I do. Make them for your friends, relatives, colleagues – all the people! – and see if they can tell what they’re made from. I bet they won’t be able to.


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