How to Make Mango and Lime Lassi

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At under 100 calories per glass, and with its zingy citrus kick, my quick and easy mango and lime lassi is creamy, tangy, and fruity, and whizzed up in a jiffy. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any Indian meal!

Mango lassi

If you’ve been to Indian restaurants, and enjoyed a lassi or two, you know how well they go with some of the more fiery curries, and how well they cool the palate; however, even if you tend to stick with mild dishes, such as palak paneer or aloo gobi masala, a smooth and creamy lassi still works really well.

The trouble with lassi though, especially mango lassi, is that it slips down far too easily. I don’t know about you but if I order one before my meal, by the time the food arrives, my glass is empty!

It was the same with milkshakes when I was a child – so much so that my grandparents eventually refused to let me order a shake until I’d finished my meal.

I think this is further proof that I haven’t really got the hang of adulting yet.

When we lived in Fort Kochi, Amato Mio drank his bodyweight in mango lassi, not least because they were always made with mangoes straight from the tree, and therefore lacked that slight powdery texture you sometimes get in lassi made here in Britain.

Of course, since I make Indian food at home at least once a week, mango lassi is something that happens quite often in the yumsome kitchen.

Green unripe mangoes – perfect for making som tam ma muang!

Ripe mangoes on a market stall at Kad Ton Payom

BTW, you don’t have to have this lassi with an Indian meal to enjoy it – itโ€™s just as fab on its own for breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up to get over the three o’clock slump! And it’s great way to cool down on a hot summer’s day… not that I’ve experienced such a thing in Britain for almost a decade. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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