Perfectly Crispy Vegan Mayo-Roast Potatoes

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These perfectly crispy vegan mayo-roast potatoes are really easy to make, and there’s no nasty greasy baking tray to clean afterward!

Have you ever thought, “Ooh, I really fancy so and so”, only to discover, when you’re halfway through making the object of your desire, that you don’t have a key ingredient?

I’m sure we’ve all been there, right?

A few months back, I had a hankering for roast potatoes; I really, really wanted to tuck into a bowlful of crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle roasties, so I peeled some spuds, boiled and drained them, then reached for the bottle of sunflower oil, only to discover it was empty, save for about half a teaspoon’s worth.


Am I the only one whose beloved refuses to finish anything, food-wise? Last week, I was rummaging around the freezer, in search of a container of sarmale¬†mixture I’d frozen (which I used as a base for some rather good soup!), when I happened upon a crumpled up bag of sweetcorn.

I say a bag… what I actually mean is an otherwise empty bag, save for less than a tablespoon of corn. When I asked amato mio why he’d just not finished the bag, he said,

I didn’t want to use it all up in case you needed it for anything.

What could I possibly do with half a tablespoon of frozen sweetcorn?

In fact, please leave me a comment with your most creative and humorous answers – I’m sure amato mio would love to see them!

He does this all the time though; fresh veggies and fruit he’ll use up but if it’s in a pack in the freezer, a bottle in the cupboard, or a jar in the fridge, nope – there’s always a little bit left, ‘just in case‘.

Even when it’s a jar of jam which only he eats; he’ll only finish the last scrapings once he has a new jar to open!

Is there anyone else out there who does this? Or is my beloved a bit special?

Ha ha!

Anyway, seeing as I’d already cooked the potatoes, and absolutely had to have roasties before I turned into a hangry green rage monster, I did the only sensible thing… I added a couple of tablespoons of my veganaise to the pan, mixed everything up, bunged the potatoes into a skillet, along with some smashed garlic (because y’know, garlic), and thence into the oven. And guess what?


I never use anything else now to make them – it’s mayo roast potatoes all the way. All the time. And I promise you, once you mayo your spuds (ooerr missus!), you won’t go back.

Perfectly crispy vegan mayo-roast potatoes


  • fluffy on the inside
  • crispy on the outside
  • not at all greasy
  • easy, peasy to make
  • free from gluten, soy, and additional oils and fats
  • high in Vitamin C
  • herby
  • garlicky
  • unspeakably, insanely delicious

Also, there’s no overly greasy baking tray to clean up afterward, for which I am eternally grateful because honestly, that’s the worst part about making roasties, isn’t it?

Whether you’re like me, and just eat a big bowl while chilling in front of Netflix (I’m currently re-watching Call the Midwife from the beginning), or are a bit more grown-up, and serve them as part of an actual dinner, I can pretty much guarantee that these vegan mayo roast potatoes will be a big hit.

Enjoy these vegan mayo-roast potatoes!

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