Vegan Chocolate Matcha Truffles

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The perfect gift for Mother’s Day or Easter, my vegan chocolate matcha truffles are light and creamy, with a delicately refreshing green tea flavour. Made from a cashew cream base and raw cocoa butter, sweetened with agave, flavoured with matcha, and rolled in cocoa, these truffles are decadence itself.

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(By the way, this is an image-heavy post!)

If there’s one smell that reminds me of when we lived in Chiang Mai, it’s matcha. Before we moved to Thailand, I’d never even heard of it, much less tried it, but thanks to my friends, LiLi and K’Poon, iced matcha latte rapidly became one of my all-time favourite drinks. I drank gallons of the stuff!

What is matcha?

Mat-cha (抹茶) is finely-ground green tea; however, if you’re thinking, “Hey, I could just chuck some green tea leaves into my coffee grinder”, you’d be wrong!

I mean, you could do that but you won’t get matcha because it’s not just any old green tea! The tea used for matcha is grown in the shade for several weeks prior to harvesting, which gives it its distinctive taste, as well as elevated levels of caffeine. In addition, the steams and veins (yes, tiny little veins!) are removed from the leaves before they’re processed, leaving only pure tea leaves behind. You can understand why it’s so expensive, can’t you?

Matcha in Thailand

Matcha was the hippest thing when we lived in the Land of Smiles, and I discovered many other matcha yums…

We left Thailand in mid-2014, and since being back in Europe, I’ve seen it become a thing here too. And it’s really, really expensive. Lucky for me, I discovered some matcha at our local Chinese supermarket, and while it cost more than I used to pay back in Thailand, it was nevertheless a pretty reasonable price.

As soon as I opened the packet, and inhaled that beautiful matcha scent. I was instantly transported back to Thailand. Back to the floating markets of Bangkok, back to Chiang Mai, and back to Mae Hee.

I miss my friends, I miss the food, I miss the sunshine, I miss the gentle Thai way of life but most of all, I miss the spectacular wildlife…

That matcha aroma brought back all the longing to return to Thailand that I’ve been feeling for ages, and made me feel quite homesick. I look forward to the day that we return!

Vegan Chocolate Matcha Truffles


  • sweet
  • silky
  • creamy
  • healthy(ish)
  • melt-in-the-mouth
  • more-ish
  • gluten-free
  • soy-free
  • refined sugar-free
  • delicious

I bet you can’t just eat one! Bon appétit!

What’s your favourite way to have matcha?

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