3-Ingredient Potato Soup

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My 3-ingredient potato soup is delicious, nutritious, simple to make, and is really frugal too!

A couple of days ago, I was struck down by a virus, which has made me hurty and achey, and feeling utterly exhausted; consequently, I’m behind with everything, and I just don’t seem to have enough oomph to do much of anything.

You ever get like that?

Maybe the sensible person would say, “Y’know what? Leave the work, and just sleep.”

I’m not that person. I’m really not very good at doing nothing. Although, admittedly, I have binged my way through The Night Of and series one of Endeavour.

Unfortunately, along with the limbs-that-feel-like-lead, a chest that feels as though a baby Xenomorph is about to burst forth, and a sore throat, I’ve been really dizzy too. I still am. Which means that food has had to be soft, gentle, and simple – I really haven’t wanted to make anything complicated. Hence the plethora of soups this week.


But hey, you can never have too much soup, right?

3-Ingredient Potato Soup


  • delicious
  • nutritious ( Vitamin A 21%, Vitamin C 95%, Calcium 7%, Iron 13% RDV)
  • quick and simple to make
  • soy-fee
  • gluten-free
  • nut-free

The humble potato has never been less humble!


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