Perfect Vegan Brownies

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Chocolatey and rich, moist and fudgy, made with only 10 ingredients; my perfect vegan brownies are ready in just 40 minutes, and are everything a great brownie should be!

My quest for perfect vegan brownies has been ongoing for a few years now; I have made so many, and while most have not been disasters, there have nevertheless been few that I’ve been really, really happy with. The two recipes I’ve previously published on yumsome have been super-yummy… but they’re far from being traditional brownies.

That’s about to change.

Like, now.

Peeps, this is it – perfect vegan brownies. No weird ingredients. No pretence of being healthy or good for you. Just proper, delicious, honest-to-goodness brownies. Which happen to be vegan.

These are so filling that I actually made them a when we were living in Serbia, to keep us going during a road trip to Romania; the plan was that in case we had difficulty finding vegan food while on the road, we’d at least have yummy snacks to keep the wolf from the door.

By the way, speaking of wolves, look at these ‘ferocious’ Romanian border control guards… soppy pair!

And while still on the subject of animals we saw, we discovered that Romanian villages are full of storks and their nests, such as these ones on a telegraph pole outside a church. Cool, eh?

Unfortunately, I only took half a batch of brownies with us. Even more unfortunate was that we sort of ended up backing into a ditch, while looking for somewhere to stop to have a picnic.

Right. By. A. Risk. Of. Accidents. Sign.


Fortunately for us, while Western Romanian roads are pretty empty (outside Timişoara, we hardly saw any traffic during the whole weekend – plenty of hitchhikers and horses and carts though)…

… there was a Hungarian man and woman in a lay-by, close to where we’d stopped, who, as well as towing us out, also very kindly gave us some plums and a couple of bunches of grapes that they’d just picked at their uncle’s farm.

The grapes were the sweetest I’ve ever had in my life. And the freshest too.

We would have loved to share to our brownies with our saviours… but we’d nommed them all the day before. Yes, we felt pretty bad about it (kind of). I hope though, that we did at least provide them with a suitably entertaining story to regale their friends and relatives with on their return to Hungary.

On the plus side, the rest of the brownies were waiting for us when we got back to Belgrade.


My Perfect Vegan Brownies


  • moist
  • fudgy
  • chocolatey
  • rich
  • sweet
  • delicious
  • simple to make
  • more-ish
  • filling

By the way, these are wonderful while still warm but honestly, I really would advise leaving them for a day in an airtight container before tucking in – that way they’ll be even more fudgy. And if you can resist the temptation to have them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner(!), they’ll stay perfectly moist for around a week.


Tell me about your favourite brownies!

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