How To Make Easy Meltable Vegan Mozzarella

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 This meltable vegan mozzarella is super-easy to make, behaves like dairy mozzarella when cooked, and tastes fantastic! The lactic acid gives it a lovely, slightly tangy edge, while the nutritional yeast flakes lend a hint of a cheesy flavour.

This vegan mozzarella is great on lasagne, in panini (it’s fab with avocado), and anywhere else you’d normally melt mozzarella. It’s also fab in caprese salad too. I use it in my parmigiana di melanzane and on pizze, such as this vegan sausage and red pepper one…

Vegan mozzarella ingredients

In case you’re wondering about the ingredients; the tapioca flour gives the mozzarella a nice sheen and some stretch. Lactic acid imparts a slightly ‘sour milk’ taste. Nutritional yeast gives a slightly cheesy flavour, and the carrageenan solidifies the cheese, yet enables it to melt when heated.

I should point out though, that this mozzarella is not exactly the same as its Italian dairy counterpart. No plant-based cheese can ever be a carbon copy – but it’s a great substitute for anyone wishing to cut down on, or eliminate dairy from their diet.

Carrageenan Controversy

I realise that there has been some concern of late, and dare I say it, even demonising of carrageenan. However, as far as I know, there is no scientific evidence to support claims that carrageenan is in any way harmful to humans.

Poligeenan however, is claimed to have caused gastro-intestinal inflammation in small lab animals. Again, there is little scientific evidence to back up these claims.

Carrageenan is not the same as poligeenan but if you want to find out more to make up your own mind, then please do check out the research online. In fact, Skye Conroy has a good article (with sources), which can be found on his website, here.

Follow Your Heart has also conducted research on the matter, and their findings also make interesting reading.

As anecdotal ‘evidence’, I have suffered with IBS for around 25 years, yet I have never once had a flare up after consuming food or drink containing carrageenan.

Of course, this is not proof that it’s safe, so you have to decide for yourself whether to consume it or not. I always err on the side of my tummy, so if it doesn’t cause problems for my overly-sensitive digestive system, I’m good with it!

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I really hope you enjoy this vegan mozzarella as much as I do. Buon appetito!

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